Reflections and provocations

Sunday afternoons are a reflective time. We think through the week that was; we spend time with good people; we imagine the week ahead. Each week, our reflections deepen… and yet, too often, we feel perplexed when we hear the same voices offer the same reasons for avoiding the great challenges of our times.

Why is feminism still so threatening to so many men and women? What’s at stake for a relaxed and comfortable Australia with housing affordability at the worst levels in our history? How will we design future cities that don’t feed destructive energy burdens? What is the place of contemporary art in stimulating our national confidence? What options remain for climate scientists to influence public policy well past the point of no return? How does the agenda of Australian conservatism succeed when its proponents are neither united nor articulate? What are the cultural histories from which the diverse Australia of today has emerged? How did it become so easy and so acceptable to fake news, policy and leadership? What was in the news this week, or last week, or the week before, and what time has there been to give it some really good thought? How can meaningful conversations develop that displace the 24h news cycle thinking so readily embraced by political leadership?

Let’s start small. With one Sunday afternoon at a time.

The Sunday Salon presents thinkers of rigour and passion in a space that’s welcoming and conversational. Each week, well-known and lesser-known voices will discuss a key issue with one another and with you. Join us.

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