SALON 2 / Judy Yates on Housing affordability: how did it get to this?

Not a day seems to go past without discussion of Australia’s growing housing affordability crisis. The social fabric of Australia is being transformed as sky-rocketing housing prices have condemned a generation to permanent renting. How did it get to this? Why has the ‘great Australian dream’ turned into a nightmare for younger and poorer Australians?

In conversation with Ben Eltham, Judy Yates discusses a lifetime studying housing policy. Ben and Judy will be joined by Kate Shaw for the second part of our discussion.

4:00-6:00pm Sunday 14 May 2017
Neapoli Wine Bar, 30 Russell Place Melbourne

Dr Judy Yates is one of Australia’s most respected scholars of housing policy. After 40 years as an academic specialising in housing finance and policy, Judy is now an honorary associate in the School of Economics at the University of Sydney, a part-time grandmother of 5, and a failed advocate of politically challenging housing policies.

Dr Kate Shaw is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow in Urban Geography and Planning. Her current research focuses on urban renewal in the 21st century. Accepting that the economic case for growth combines with the environmental case for limiting urban sprawl to produce an irresistible logic for increasing the densities of Australian cities, the research explores ways of improving on the renewal projects of the last 50 years. The current project examines the legislative, regulatory, financial, political and cultural barriers to socially equitable urban development, and pursues practices elsewhere that do it better.

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