SALON 5 / Jonathan Green: Fake news, fake democracy

The emergence of falsified yet convincing news seems inevitable in a fast-paced social media environment, where attention spans and attention to detail are challenged at every moment. While propaganda is as old as politics, the legitimacy of news stories is now being called into question by those in power – far too often, to serve their own interests. What is the future for a democracy premised on the open exchange of information? And how can political power be called to account?

Jonathan Green in conversation with Ben Eltham
4:00-6:00pm Sunday 4 June 2017
Neapoli Wine Bar, 30 Russell Place Melbourne

Jonathan Green is Editor of Meanjin. In a 30-year career he has worked as a senior writer and editor at several Australian newspapers, including 15 years at The Age. He was the editor of Crikey for three years and the founding editor of ABC’s online opinion site, The Drum. He is also a broadcaster and presenter of Radio National’s Sunday Extra programme.

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