SALON 7 / Jade Lillie: Artistic practice, cultural activism

What role does artistic practice play in challenging the foundations of our culture? Do we recognise what’s most powerful about creative ambition? Do we understand what’s at stake when we overlook cultural safety? How does art illuminate, problematise and create the complexities of Australian identity?


Jade Lillie in conversation with Esther Anatolitis
4:00-6:00pm Sunday 18 June 2017
Neapoli Wine Bar, 30 Russell Place Melbourne

Jade Lillie is Director of Footscray Community Arts Centre. In leading FCAC, Jade leads contemporary community arts practice both by example, and through her delivery of a range of arts management, strategic planning, community engagement and cultural leadership training, facilitation, professional development and consultancy. Jade’s multidisciplinary program and partnership development and contemporary community engaged practice give her work weight within wider socio-political contexts. As such, she works extensively with health, education and community organisations within Australia, connecting them with the broader local and national conversations she is participates in and drives.

Jade has held a range of executive positions in government and non-government agencies across Australia. Her work in Thailand and Indonesia along with her 2011-12 research in reciprocity and collaboration between Australian and SE Asian organisations, agencies and artists provided the basis for one of FCAC’s core initiatives, Collaborate Asia.

Jade has been the recipient of the prestigious Australia Council Kirk Robson Award (2009) for cultural leadership and was an Asialink Resident (Arts Management) in Thailand (2010). Jade is a director of Diversity Arts Australia (formerly Kultour).

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