Enormous thanks to everyone who has made the Sunday Salons Winter Season such a warm series of important conversations.

Firstly, warm thanks and big love to Neapoli Wine Bar. Lily, Otto, the Sunday team, Con of course, and also to Nik. My local has never felt more like a home.

To all of our speakers – George MegalogenisJudy Yates and Kate Shaw, Frank Bongiornio and Carolyn Holbrook, Michael BachelardJonathan Green, Jessica Alice and Jade Lillie – heartfelt thanks for offering your insight and your passion on the most pressing issues facing our nation today.

To everyone who joined us, thank you so much for the community we have created together. Some of us could only spare the odd Sunday; some returned week after week; some brought parents, children, interstate visitors and neighbourhood locals. And each week, this made for some great questions from all sorts of perspectives.

And finally, enormous thanks to Ben Eltham and Tasneem Chopra. The many public and professional involvements that characterise our lives made us ideal collaborators for the Sunday Salons – albeit working online between our characteristic busy-ness, and never in the one place at the one time! How fantastic to have been able to work with you both. Ben has recorded each session (except for the final, which was recorded by the superb Kieran Ruffles), and in coming months we’ll make these available here.

At a time when the world can feel more and more hostile to voices that are constructive, creative and honest, rigorous conversations in public spaces become more and more vital. We’ve contributed to some important conversations over the past seven weeks, as well as starting some new ones. Let’s keep the discussion going.

– Esther Anatolitis

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